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Students are reaching speeds over 45 Words Per Minute

Students are reaching speeds over 45 Words Per Minute

Students using Typing Tournament are reaching speeds of 45 Words Per Minute (wpm) by the time they finish primary school. This level of typing speed sets them up for success in their careers and gives them a massive time advantage over those that two finger type or hunt and peck […]

Massive increases in typing speed quantified

Massive increases in typing speed quantified

Regular use of Typing Tournament Online increases average typing speed by 6 WPM per term per student! Over the past few weeks we have been analysing students’ progress when learning to type with Typing Tournament Online. The results are incredible. A glance at the Leaderboard indicates that we have many […]

Australian Standard – Keyboarding Speed Tests AS 2708-2001

The Typing Standard drives Typing Tournament Online. Since the invention of the typewriter in the 1850s the race has been on for typists to type quickly and accurately. To judge the actual speed and accuracy of typist there has long been a need for an impartial umpire. This needs is […]

How Fast Should Students Be Able To Type?

Are your students typing quickly enough? Many Typing Tournament Students attain speeds over 80 Words Per Minute. Make sure that the students at your school are not left behind hunting and pecking at 10 WPM! A recent analysis of the typing speeds being achieved by students using Typing Tournament Online […]

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